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Warehouse ONE of two

My Fulfillment Team and sister service My Inventory Team are the brainchild of John Bullard Sr.  After 30+ years in the wholesale /retail market and Amazon Business it is easy to see why John/Esther and their sons John Jr and Danny are experts in prepping and packaging.  They started their Fulfillment business over 11 years ago in a way to help other online sellers grow and succeed.

My Fulfillment Teams Mission Statement:

We beleive we owe it to God to give our Clients the highest quality service we can, no strings attached. For peolple who want to work with a business who share their values, MFT is ready to deliver honesty,quality and Integrity,every day.

  • Building a ongoing trusted relationship with our clients .
  • Having open lines of communication.
  • Provide only the best services .
  • Professional quality work with fast turn around times.
  • Charge our clients for only the services they need not the one’s they don’t.

My Fulfillment Team can fulfill orders for any  eCommerce platform.

warehouse boxes

Boxes Ready for Processing

John is  an acknowledged expert on Trade Shows, he uses his knowledge in all things trade show related to help others maneuver their way around them as well. Trade Shows are one of the strategies explained in a book co-authored by Ryan Reger , “Beyond Arbitrage”.

John has hosted a podcast in the past that had many of the top experts in their field on it..

Your inventory is stored and processed at facilities in Dresden, Tennessee.

John and his wife Esther live in Huntingdon Tennessee and have been married for more than 37 years. They have two sons, John Jr, and Danny, and two grandchildren.