Our family-owned  Specialized Prepping Center has been fulfilling online orders for over 11 yrs+.

We process your Amazon , Shopify and eCommerce orders with our own in-house  Software.    

Find out more about both services at customerservice@myfulfillmentteam.com

Let us handle all the tedious tasks like receiving, inspecting, labeling, bagging, multi packs, bundling, bubbling, removing stickers, box content, taping, boxing,   storage, and shipping while you concentrate on purchasing and entering it into our software.

Our software is free to use to send your items directly from us to Amazon for you with no monthly fee.  If you choose to use our ready ship eCommerce program there is a one-time setup fee of $189 which you will be charged once we process your first eCommerce order.

  Please make sure you understand all of our pricing structure before you decide to send any items to us.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of the pricing and how it works.  If you put your items by mistake in or software and assign it to ready ship instead of ready store your items will ship out in the rotation that it was received.

Attention large volume sellers be sure to ask about our “Volume Pricing”  Call for details…  This could save you thousands over the year.

Very important  Please read the examples of our process flow below

>>> Normal Processing Time Is 24- 48  hours  however due  covid we are experiencing  longer than normal processing times  <<<

 from when we receive your shipment to when we send to Amazon FBA or direct to consumers for eCommerce orders 
Client shipments are handled on a first-in, first-out basis.

If you’re registered through our software, you will be the first to know of ANY new services, price changes or upgrades through our email system in our software!

Items we  process with minimum  3 of the same upcs.  See below under shipping related for additional charges for single upcs/ mixed boxes.

New Toys
Jewelry that is not mixed together in a box min 3 units per SKU
Retail Arbitrage
Online merchandise from any online source
Any new items from any category
Books , textbooks. “we do not grade used books ” Min 3 books per title
Private label
New Clothing with tags Min 3 per SKU.
Poly Bagging
Bubbling items
Brand New Items From Amazon Customer Returns/ E-Commerce Returns
New Shoes with Tags or identifier

MFT accepts meltable products from October 16 to April 14 only.

items we  DO NOT process:

Meltable inventory stored or arriving at our fulfillment center from April 15 to October 15 is not accepted. (We are not a climate controlled facility )

Bulk Jewelry (mixed boxes)
Anything that requires us to assemble before processing.
Used Items other than books.
Liquidation Clothing with no tags to identify what it is.

FBA Processing Fee Structure:  Only Pay for the services you need.

Here is our fee structure for our FBA fulfillment services.  These apply whether you have merchandise shipped from an online retailer or manufacturer, or whether you send in your own inventory for us to process.

We only have a $10 minimum processing fee for all prep orders fulfilled.

Example 1  $1.45  x 6 items = $8.70  you would be charged $10 because you have not met the minimum.

Example 2  1.45 x  10 items = $14.50   you would be over and pay the $14.50 price.

Option 1:

  • 1-29 pieces $1.45 per unit
  • 30 pieces + $1.05 per unit

What this includes: receiving, unboxing, inspecting, and labeling your merchandise ONLY. Bagging add .55 cents a unit for bags up to 12″ x 15″  .70 cents 18″ x 24″  or .45 cents per foot for custom bags. Bubble wrap is an additional $1.00 to wrap plus $0.40 per foot. Our Boxes are an additional required fee. Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.

Option 2:

Exception Products:

Jewelry: $1.75 per item. 3 unit minimum per UPC.

Books:  New or Textbooks only.

$1.80 a book includes receiving, inspecting, and labeling only. ( min 3 books per title)

New Clothing:  (min 3 Pieces per item)

$1.80 an item.  What is Included with this fee receiving, inspecting, labeling.  Bagging add .55 cents a unit, for bags up to 12″ x 15″ .70 cents, 18″ x 24″  or .45 cents per foot for custom bags.. Bubble wrap is an additional $1.00 to wrap plus $0.40 per foot.  Our Boxes are an additional required fee.  Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.

Shoes. $2.85 per pair  what is included with this fee receiving ,inspecting for correct shoe size, color and correct tag , labeling and standard Bag, add .15 cents for 18″ x 24″  


Option 3:


  •  $3.05 up to 12 units a Bundle / Multi-Pack/ or Kitting.
  •  over 12 units please call for custom pricing.

    What is Included with this fee receiving, inspecting, labeling, Bundling, and bagging up to 12″ x 15″ or 18″ x 24″ add  .15    Our Boxes are an additional required fee.  Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.

  • Bags: (has required suffocation label and is used where Amazon guidelines require it.)
    We bag products that can be physically touched, and /or bottles that are not double sealed.

Bubble wrapping product:  

1.05 a unit to receive, inspect, label plus $1.00 to wrap and .40 per foot of bubble used.  Important:  Any product that goes into our ready ship program that is bubbled and stays in our storage area for more than 3 months will need to be bubbled again and charged to you to be able to maintain the effectiveness of the bubble wrap.  Most bubble will lose its firmness.   Our Boxes are an additional required fee.  Please check below for additional pricing that may be needed depending on the service we provide.

Additional Fees That May Apply:

  • If you require any type of documentation in spreadsheet form for returns it will be $.50 per line
  • Call for pricing on processing any oversize items
  • Expiration Label if needed:  .10 a label
  • Suffocation Label if needed:  .10 cents a label.
  • There is a .20 extra charge per unit for any product that comes in with multiple different items in the package. Example  5 or 6 different colors or mixed items.
  • We charge $1.00 per Document, Invoice, Packing slip ETC if needed.
  • $2.05 pick and pack fee per unit for all small products under 16″ in Length going from storage back to an Amazon warehouse Shipment , eCommerce customer or disposed of.
  • $3.75 Pick and Pack fee per unit or case over 17″ to 28″ in length.
  • $5.00 Pick and Pack fee per unit or case over 29″ – 40″   in length.
  • $10.00 Pick and Pack fee for items 41″ to 72″ in Length. Warehouse Shipment or eCommerce customer.
  • Call for pricing on oversize items
  •   Extra Labels to cover up more than one UPC  .10 a Sticker
    • Sticker removal of items that are visible: $0.40/sticker
    • Private Label/Branding: $0.20 per card/insert  or $0.20 per custom label
    • Pictures: We can provide pictures for the damaged products at $1.00 for each picture taken. We can take sample only pictures to verify merchandise for a fee. (These cannot be used as professional product listing pictures)
    • Weights/Dimensions: We can provide weights and dimensions of products for a fee. Typically your supplier can provide this information for you.
  • Disposal Fee:   .50  a unit  Large .75 a unit for any customer returns or long term storage fee items that have not been paid for at least six months.  Call for pricing on anything that is very large.

Merchandise Returns: If there is a request to return merchandise back to a supplier additional fees will apply. Please keep in mind that if we receive any product that is damaged we will take pictures of the product upon request for you to be able to get credit from your supplier at  $1.00 per image. We will not accept products that are leaking due to possible health risks. Most suppliers have a limited time window for you to return the item back to them. For this reason, we have a seven-day policy from the time we receive your damaged item to be able to get it back to your supplier or dispose of if need be.
• Re-Processing Orders: If an order has been completed per your instructions and we have to re-process it due to errors on your part, additional fees will apply.

We charge .60 a cubic foot monthly for the storage and $2.05 pick fee per item under 16″.   We only offer this service to our existing clients. If you are planning to become a customer of ours and we send items into Amazon from your suppliers than yes we can do this.

  • For our prepping clients who have Amazon Merchant customers (FBM) /E-Commerce Customer Service Returns or Amazon removals:  All products will be handled in this manner.  $1.65 per unit  Fee which includes Receiving, Inspecting, labeling and putting it back into inventory or shipping it back to Amazon warehouses. Shipping boxes are extra. The  cost of shipping into Amazon comes out of your seller central account. There is an additional fee of $1.00 if we have to provide the return shipping label for going back to a supplier. There is also a $1.00 per box or envelope fee for any package or envelope that is a return with no seller information on it.  If any product damages from returns that we receive upon request we will provide images at the cost of $1.00 per image. However please keep in mind if the product is not Brand New factory sealed we will not send it back to an Amazon center.  We do not accept return merchandise from sellers who do not use our fulfillment center for prepping new non-return merchandise for at least the past six months.  If the returned product or Amazon product removal is shipped to us there will be a $2.65   per unit cost to receive, inspect, label and send back out.  There will also be a .60 per cu ft storage fee if we are to store it and a $2.05 pick fee per item.
  • Returns Back to Seller/ Supplier/Store:

Scenario 1: If we provide the service and return shipping label, there is a one time fee of $2.00 per package plus any bubble and boxes we use.

Scenario 2: If we provide the service and you provide the return shipping label, there is a one time fee of $1.25 per package plus any bubble and boxes we use.

  • Warehouse Storage/eCommerce  Setup fee.   One time charge. $189.00

Storage: Hold your items in our warehouse. Only .60  per cubic foot per month, with NO additional long-term storage fees.   ****Important notice ****   If you miss three consecutive months without storage payment storage fees will double to $1.20 per cubic foot per month until paid in full There is a  $25 processing fee for declined payments that we have to reprocess. Minimum Quantity 3 units of each Item or per SKU  Learn more about our storage service and requirements.

Here is a few examples of how our process flow may look to you.

  1.   The product is received, inspected, labeled and sent to Amazon .95 plus any outside bubbled shipping boxes needed. Bagging, bubbling, and multi packs are extra. See the pricing chart above.
  2. Product is received, inspected labeled and assigned to our ready ship program 1.05 a unit  There is also a .$2.05 per item pick fee for items under 16″ in length once we pick the item to ship back to an Amazon warehouse or to ship to a customer. There is also the cost of any boxes we use with dunnage.   Bagging, bubbling, and multi packs are extra. See the pricing chart above.


If the product is not entered into our software before it has to be processed and we have to end up putting it into manual storage additional fees will apply.

We will hold items for up to 7 days on our prepping floor to help you get to the 30 count minimum Discounted Pricing.  After 7 days your items will  need to go into our storage program at the rates stated above or be charge $1.80 a cubic foot per 30 days for remaining product on the Prepping floor.

Ecom Plus: On-demand shipment for eBay and eCommerce, when you need a prompt, reliable shipping service for order fulfillment. Learn more about the ECom Plus service.

Also if the product is sent to our warehouse before it is entered into our software and we have to give you a complete manual inventory there will be an additional cost of .50 per unit. This price is in addition to the normal processing or return item fees. If it is entered into our software before we receive it there will be no additional inventory fee added to existing charges.

Inbound Shipping to us:

We do not accept any COD shipments all shipments are to be prepaid by the shipper (duty and Taxes/Freight)Etc.

Inbound Shipping  Charges:

Any Boxes that come into us not on pallets from freight containers or truckloads will be charged $1.00 per box to unload.

Shipping-Related, Including Our Pallet Program:

  • • (NEW) Freight Forwarding: $60 a pallet, If you want us to receive pallets from manufacturers to be freight-forwarded to Amazon, we can do so. We’ll receive, Inspect for visible damage that is seeable, do outside labeling, and store until you provide freight shipping labels via email. This is based on Amazon labeling you’re individual items for you, not us.
    • Pallet Sorting: An additional $50 per pallet on top of our regular freight forwarding pricing (if a pallet we receive has mixed items in cases) or .50 per unit  additional prep fee for mixed boxed/onesie.
    • We can ship directly to you.
  • We can also freight forward your  Individual Shipping boxes.  The cost per box is $4.50 for case pack boxes. We’ll receive, and put the outside shipping label on the box that you provide and ship to Amazon on your behalf.
  • Boxes:
  •    11″  Cube box with bubble protective dunnage   $2.45
  •    13″ Cube box with bubble protective dunnage    $3.20
  •    15″ Cube box with bubble protective dunnage    $4.05
    • 17″  Cube box with bubble protective dunnage   $4.50
    • 19″ Cube box with bubble protective dunnage    $5.25
    • 21″ Cube box with bubble protective dunnage    $6.25
  •   25″ Cube  box with bubble protective dunnage    $7.25

****Items that can not fit in a 25″ cube box will be charged custom pricing****

We ship goods in our own brand new boxes only.

We are not able to give you an estimate on how many boxes we will have to use until we process your order