Sign up Process for

This process is like most other site registration processes. PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS BEFORE STARTING.

As you work through these instructions, new windows will open for different steps. You will need to return to this instruction page for the next step, so it’s helpful if you have two windows open (one for these instructions, one to work through the signup process.)


To sign up (register) for our new system, please go to:

On the first screen you will enter some required information. To access instructions for these two tasks look for the New User menu link once you login into the application.

  • Company Name
  • Email address for the primary company contact – this will be used as your username for login.
  • First and Last Name for the primary company contact
  • A password for login – this must be entered twice for confirmation

Click the submit button to initiate your account. A verification email will be sent to the email address you provided in the initial screen.

If you do not receive this email within 10-15 minutes please check your spam folder.

Click on the link in the email to validate your account. If you do not complete this process your account will not be activated.

The validation link will send you to a screen to enter your payment information.  Your credit card will not be charged initially but it will be authorized by our payment processor.

This credit card will be used for all charges incurred by your account for inventory processing.

Once you have completed the payment information you will be activated to login into our processing system.

The login page for our system is Please bookmark this link.

At this point you will need to complete two tasks before you start entering inventory for us to process:

  1. Authorize our application to access your Amazon account so that we can process shipments on your behalf. The instructions for this are detailed in a PDF that will be provided to you after registration.
  2. Watch the introductory video that shows basic client process for submitting inventory information to MFT. Please make sure that you review this video before starting to use the system.

To access instructions for these two tasks look for the Startup menu link once you login into the application. This link will open a new instruction page in a new window that will walk you through completing these two critical steps.