Here’s how it works.

When receiving your product for storage, we’ll automatically enter them into our Ready to Ship program. We handle it just like Amazon does when you send them your products and you check the prepping box.  Ready to Ship means that we will place an identifying label on your product and process it however it needs.

For example, if your product requires bubble wrapping or bagging, then this will be done to your product. The prep work is done and the fees are charged upfront in order to save processing time (typically 1-2 days) later on when you’re in a hurry to get products to Amazon.

When your Amazon inventory needs replenishing, you must let us know that you need x number of units to go into Amazon. We will then gather that number of units and ship it out within 24-48 hours unless it falls on a weekend. Ask about same-day shipping options.

The storage fee is $0.70 cents per cubic square foot. This fee is monthly. There are no long-term storage or weight-based fees. The pick-and-pack fee is

  • $2.15 pick and pack fee per unit for all small products under 16″ in Length going from storage back to an Amazon warehouse Shipment or eCommerce customer.
  • $3.95 Pick and Pack fee per unit over 17″ to 28″ length.
  • $5.75 Pick and Pack fee per unit over 29″to 40″  length.
  • $10.00 Pick and Pack fee for items 41″ to 72″ in Length. Warehouse Shipment or eCommerce customer.
  • Call for pricing on oversize items

There is a Storage Agreement and a $189 one-time fee to get you entered into our system. We also require that your inventory in our warehouses be insured. Contact us for the Storage Agreement and insurance requirements.