Once your product is put into our storage for our ready ship program your item after being sold on any eCommerce site will ship to your customer in most cases the same day, unless it falls on a weekend then it will ship the following business day.

This service will allow clients who are selling products on different platforms to have their products shipped directly to their customers. eBay? No problem. Your own eCommerce store? Yes!

For example, if you are selling on eBay and a customer buys your product we can ship it directly to them.

How It Works

Once we receive your product we will place it in the Ready to Ship program. Ready to Ship means that we will place an identifying label on your product and process it in any way it needs to be. (Please view our Storage page for more details.)

For example, if your product requires bubble wrapping or bagging, We got you covered. we bubble the product charge according to our rates and put your product into the ready-ship area.

Then it’s ready to go! No need for you (or your client) to wait several days for processing after it’s ordered.

Once a product sells, let us know what shipping method you prefer, and we’ll ship the very same day.

A one-time setup fee of $189 to set up your account.
There is a $1.15 Standard Processing fee for the ready ship. This fee covers receiving, unboxing,  visual inspecting, inventorying, and labeling the product with an identifying label and placing it in our ready-ship program.
All new shipping boxes that we use include the dunnage fee.
The Pick Fee is as followed
  • $2.15 pick and pack fee per unit for all small products under 16″ in Length going from storage back to an Amazon warehouse Shipment or eCommerce customer.
  • $3.95 Pick and Pack fee per unit over 17″ to 28″ in length.
  • $5.75 Pick and Pack fee per unit over 29″to 40″ in length.
  • $10.00 Pick and Pack fee for items 41″ to 72″ in Length. Warehouse Shipment or eCommerce customer.
  • Call for pricing on oversize items
No products shipped out of the country’s first-class mail.  All products shipped out of the country must have additional insurance coverage if the value is more than the shipping company’s insured value.
Additional fees may include bagging, bubble wrapping, any shipping boxes, etc. that may be needed for your order. Please see the pricing for additional prepping here.

(NOTE: Since we use Amazon’s API with our software, you must create an FBA listing if there is not already a listing on Amazon.  If the item is already on Amazon you are required to carry over your merchant SKU to our software.


If you sell on platforms besides Amazon-like eBay, Sears, or any other eCommerce website you can create listings in our software that do not need to be on Amazon.com and we can fulfill them for your customers.  If the product is restricted and you are not able to list the item on Amazon we can fulfill those 3rd party orders. Information on how to do this procedure is provided in the signup videos.

Inbound Shipping to us:

We do not accept any COD shipments all shipments are to be prepaid by the shipper (duty and Taxes/Freight)Etc.


Shipping prices (see below) do not include extra insurance, shipping supplies, or shipping boxes that may need to be used in order to ship your product. Shipping is based on our zip code and is shipped to the West Coast. These shipping prices are subject to change based on weight, dimensions, and zip code.

Please click here to download a sample Shipping Rates Table.