Lance Wolf
MyFulfillmentTeam is a family run business.  I personally know John, his wife, and entire family.  This relationship was formed as a result of doing business with him and Esther.  They are not only the nicest people you will ever meet, but they get the job done quickly and efficiently.  They know FBA inside and out, and they deliver quality, rather than some rookie fulfillment centers that just want to deliver quantity.  If you do not have the experience that MyFulfillmentTeam has, it is very difficult to replace that, because they have learned over the years how to perfect their craft.  If you are trying to get your shipment in before the seasons hit, this is your team.  If you want a company that actually wants your business, and isn’t intimidating, this is your team.  If you want a prep company that cares about your business, whether you are big or small, or in between….you know the thing…this is your team.  I’m thankful everyday that I have John Sr. and Esther literally running my business for me.  In fact, they keep me accountable, oftentimes saying, LANCE, YOU CAN’T MAKE MONEY WITH THIS INVENTORY SITTING ON THE WAREHOUSE FLOOR!  They motivate me everyday, and push me to be the best amazon seller I can possibly be.  If you are a big company, such as Haribo that imports products from Germany, this is also your team.  They have the space and power to deliver your needs.  Their employees are treated very well, and that is needed in a world today that takes that for granted.  This is a 100% authentic review.  Our business, and my business partner’s business is a 5 million dollar combined  business, so that is a lot of product being sent, and most of the times shipped the same day they receive it.  Believe me, if a product isn’t shipped in time, it is MY FAULT, not their fault, ha!  I hope you make the choice I did, and partner with these folks.  You won’t regret it.
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