Warehouse Storage/eCommerce  Setup fee.   One-time charge. $189.00

Don’t have a place to store your items? No problem – hold your items in our 10,000 sq ft warehouse. Only $0.70 per cubic foot per month, with NO additional long-term storage fees.  ****Important notice ****   If you miss three consecutive months without paying your storage fees, they then will double to $1.40 per cubic foot per month until paid in full.  There is a $25 processing fee for declined payments that we have to reprocess. Minimum quantity 3 units of each Item or per SKU  Learn more about our storage service and requirements.

  • $2.15 Pick and Pack fee per unit for all small products under 16″ in length going from storage back to an Amazon warehouse shipment or eCommerce customer.
  • $4.50 Pick and Pack fee per unit or case over 17″ to 28″ in length.
  • $5.75 Pick and Pack cost per unit or case over 29″ to 40″ in length.
  • $10.00 Pick and Pack fee for items 41″ to 72″ in length. 
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